cocktail bar austin

On the Rocks


Virtue green juice mix, Real Ale Vámonos Gose


Virtue on Verday*

Virtue green juice mix, lime, gin or tequila



sparkling wine, choice of house juices


Maie Dog Nog

rum, green chartreuse, crème de cacao, coconut, spices, egg, mint, lime



house-made bloody mix, Hi Sign El Berto


Mary Maie*

house-made bloody mix, lemon, vodka


We Don't Give a F-F-Fig

  • scotch, hoodoo, fig, diluted pistachio, lemon, finished with more scotch
  • 15


  • tequila, ramazzotti apertivo, rose, egg white, strawberry balsamic shrub, lemon
  • 15

Face Your Fears

  • tequila, mezcal, aperol, chareau, lemon, grapefruit
  • 15

Seasonal Sangria

  • lots of wines, lots of flavor, it's fun!!
  • 15

To-maie-to, Tomato*

  • bison grass vodka, rosemary, thyme, tomato water, lime
  • 15

Maie'd-jiu Look

  • gin, vermouth two ways, Ming River Baijiu, rose, rhubarb, lime
  • 15

Peach Pit

  • Bendt No. 5 whiskey, Amaro di Angostura, Naranja, demerara, peach bitters
  • 15

Suzy GreenBerg?

  • mezcal, suze, green chartreuse, cilantro-serrano syrup, lime
  • 15

Rum Rum, As Fast As You Can

  • rum 2 ways, JM Orange shrub liqueur, orgeat, lime, grapefruit, tiki
  • 15

Garden Variety*

  • Still Austin gin, blueberry-peaflower syrup, lime, lavender bitters, tonic
  • 15

What a Rummer!! 'Spritz'

  • coconut water rum, more rum, elderflower liqueur, blood orange, honey, sparkling rosé, lime
  • 15


Do Some Thym

  • gin, elderflower, thyme liqueur, prickly pear, lemon
  • 15

Pitch & Tease

  • Deep Eddy lemon vodka, rosemary, ginger, lemon, rooibos peach tea
  • 15

Low & No-ABV and Euphorics


  • blood orange, lime, tamarind, tajin, Early Bird CBD
  • 15

About Earlybird CBD

Maie Day and Earlybird have partnered to bring Austin a new type of beverage designed to unwind. Learn more about CBD