Maie Day Cocktail Bar


All cocktails $16 / $12 during Happy Hour


Rum a Tight Ship

  • rumhaven coconut water rum, bacardi rum, aperol, pineapple, lemon

No Mames Maie

  • el tequileno tequila, ancho reyes, jalisco orange, raspberry gum, lime

On the Rocks

Sunday Afternoon

spring 44 vodka, peach liqueur, demarara, tea, lemon

2+ people? Turn it into a punch bowl! $50

Borahae Booze

  • spring 44 vodka, marfa spirits grapefruit, lavender, ming river baiju, lemon

Maized & Confused

teremana tequila, nixta, jalisco orange, spiced apple cider, lemon

Suzy Greenberg

rosaluna mezcal, suze, green chartreuse, cilantro + serrano syrup, lemon

Hold the Line

  • las californias gin, linie aquavit, luxardo, mango, lime

Golden Ticket

tarragon & banana infused rosaluna mezcal, yellow chartreuse, blanc vermouth, mole bitters, absinthe

Do Some Thyme

marfa spirit co gin, elderflower, yellow chartreuse, thym liqueur, strawberry, lemon

Peach Pit

  • bendt no 5 whiskey, amaro di angostura, jalisco orange, demerara, peach bitters

Son Of Man

wild turkey 101 rye, appple schnapps, allspice, vanilla liqueur, cinnamon & sorghum

Scarlet Begonia

bacardi spiced rum, blood orange, montenegro, orgeat, lime, ruby port float

No-ABV and Euphorics

Chai Chai Slide

  • Chai tea, honey mint, ginger syrup, lemon 10

  • Add Earlybird CBD +6


peppermint-infused slow luck, blueberry, demerara, lemon 10

Add Earlybird CBD +6

About Earlybird CBD

Maie Day and Earlybird have partnered to bring Austin a new type of beverage designed to unwind.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Suggested Use: Each serving of Earlybird contains 2.5mg of THC from hemp (<0.3%). No more than 2 servings per day.

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